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Team Conduct

The following rules apply specifically to Competitive Teams, and as applicable to recreational / select / all-star teams.


The behaviour of all teams while at games in general and particularly at tournaments shall be in accordance with the Codes of Conduct for players, coaches, and spectators.


Uniforms and other player equipment shall be consistent with the Club image. Player equipment shall be of the colour and pattern decided by the Director of Equipment, Director of Competitive Soccer, and as directed by the Board, and supplied by vendors approved by the Club.
Banners, canopies and other team equipment may be sourced by the team, but any usage of the club logo must be consistent. Club officers have various versions of the logo for printing, embroidery, etc.


The team shall comply with all Club, District, and OSA paperwork requirements regarding permits, registrations, transfers, coaching qualifications, volunteer screening, etc. The Club will reimburse coaches their qualifications, but the other costs accrue to the team.

If the team fails to meet deadline dates:
a) Any late Club forms (coaching application, coach registration, etc) will result in a fine by the Club to the team of $100 per form.
b) The Club accepts no responsibility to try to recover from late submission or to attempt to short circuit procedures. Officers will try where reasonable to expedite processes.

Teams are specifically forbidden by District rules from approaching PHSA staff directly.
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