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Stats and Facts


Statistics and Facts

Indoor Soccer

During the 1990s, there were popular weekend indoor soccer programs for adults and youth that took place in school gyms in  Acton. Youth was at MSB, Adults at Acton High School. HDSB reviewed the rates and boosted the weekend rates so much that it became uneconomic to run indoor in the schools at weekends. The hourly rates were (and still are ) higher than the hourly rate for the Dufferin Centre.  

So the indoor season for 2005/06 had to be cancelled. The reasons were related to cost and popularity. The school gyms were too expensive at weekends. Mid-week, there were not enough youth or adult registrants in 2004/05.

In 2006/07, a few keen adults asked that we run an indoor league mid-week, and we did so. It was very successful in providing fun in a fairly relaxed format.

In October 2007, the Acton Agricultural Society facility - the Dufferin Rural Heritage Community Centre - opened to great excitement, and Georgetown and Acton Soccer Clubs cooperated to fill the facility with enthusiastic players. The biggest ever registration for indoor soccer for Acton SC saw 185 adults and 180 youth register for the fall session, and the winter (January to March) session provided fun for 233 adults and 147 youths.

For administrative reasons, youth registrations for indoor are now all handled by Georgetown SC, while Acton Villa is in charge of adult activities. The adult activities were always part of the business plan to ensure that the Agricultural Society's building would be properly financed, and adults thus account for over 90% of rentals starting at 9pm or later, and Sunday afternoon has been preserved as "adult playtime" for the amazingly popular and great fun Adult Co-Ed league.

The largest category of outdoor soccer is mini-soccer, the game played with small teams and small fields, until players are 10 years old. This is a "development game" tailored to younger players whose tactical awareness is still developing. The smaller teams give the players more involvement and more touches of the ball, which equates to more fun.

The ladies league grew in 2008 from two teams to three - and one of the teams won the Ladies Recreational Soccer League third division championship! In 2009, Acton Villa added a fourth team - the Lady Villans - who campaigned in the third division.

The adult co-ed category was new in 2008 with the addition of adult co-ed recreational Sunday morning play named Gerry Hat-Tricks. The first season saw six teams take part with lots of fun, and while this stayed at six teams for 2009, it grew to 8 teams for 2010 and ten teams in 2011.
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