Acton Villa Soccer Club    
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Weather Information                                                                                                         

Please note that the Acton Soccer Club does not cancel games due to rain, hot or humid weather. If there is lightning, the referee will determine when play is dangerous and will cancel/delay a game. The ASC uses the 30-second flash-to-bang rule whereby once lightning is sighted, if the thunderclap occurs less than 30 seconds later, the game is cancelled or delayed.

During extremely hot/humid weather, parents may use their own discretion as to whether or not their child will play soccer. Players will not be penalized for choosing not to play in such conditions but games will not be cancelled.

Should the Town of Halton Hills decide fields are in jeopardy due to heavy rains, they may close the fields.
If this happens, the Acton Soccer Club office will be notified and will, in turn, notify convenors and coaches as quickly as possible.

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