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OSA Small-Sided Soccer Philosophy.
This link takes you to the OSA web site where Tiny-Tot soccer and Mini-Soccer are explained. Just to clarify in how it applies to Acton Villa - Tiny-Tot is U5/U6, while mini-soccer is age groups U8 and U10.

In accord with OSA rules, we will be playing U10 7 v 7, U8 5 v 5, U5 and U6 4 v 4, all with goalies.

Tiny Tot Soccer Rules
Applies to U5 and U6.

Tiny tot rules for U5/U6 are here.

Mini-Soccer Rules.

Mini Soccer is what we play U8 and U10.

Rules are here.

Under-12 and Older Youth Soccer Rules.

Rules for the inter-town U12 and older leagues are set by Escarpment Soccer League and by North Peel-Halton Soccer League. The rules are available at the web site shared by the 2 leagues by clicking here.
FIFA Laws of the Game also apply: click here for those.

Gerry Hat-Tricks
This is a co-ed recreational league, no standings, no ref, mnimal contact.

  1. The games are played on the mini fields (Under-10 fields) at Tanner's Drive or Wallace Street and at MSB Pool end.
  2. Play 5 v 5 (including the goal keeper). One female to be on the field, minimum, for each team. Play short or borrow from another team  if you have no female players available.
  3. Games are one hour long, 2x30-minute halfs. If BOTH teams agree to play more or less, that's fine.
  4. NO REFEREES. Teams are expected to manage their behaviour to an appropriate level.
  5. No throw-ins: kick in from the side.
  6. All dead-ball kicks are indirect except penalty shots.
  7. Unlimited subs on the fly: goalie changes at break in play.
  8. No players under 18 years old. Only ONE player under 21 per team.
  9. No league standings.
  10. If your teams is short of players - borrow fom the opponents!
  11. No unregistered players. We are keeping the cost to a minimum: it is a club rule, a district association rule, and an Ontario Soccer Association rule - ALL players MUST be registered in this league with Acton Villa Soccer Club.
  12. All players: police yourselves.
In-House League Rules: applies to all Leagues running within the Club.
OSA Discipline Process and Additional Review

The OSA discipline process applies to on-field offences. It can be found at: .

Off-field offences involving players, team officials, or spectators will result in special incident reports for violation of our Codes of Conduct.
Misconduct reports can be submitted by any affected party regardless of whether they are a Member of Acton Soccer Club. Reports should be sent by email to If email is not available, phone contact is to be made for instructions.

All discipline cases will be investigated. Following a recommendation by the Discipline Chair, or League Convenor, the Board of Acton Soccer Club may take further action against individuals or teams that repeatedly poison the sporting atmosphere. The Discipline Process described in the Club's Rules and Regulations shall be followed, and the consequence, in severe cases, could be de-registration of individuals or an entire team, with no refund payable under those circumstances.
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