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Before you start, the players need to have the following:

  1. Shin guards. These are mandatory at all ages.
  2. Suitable Shoes. Soccer shoes are best, although any type of outdoor sports shoes with cleats may be suitable for younger players.

For every game and practice:

  1. Let the coach know about absences, in advance. Replacement players may need to be called.
  2. Know the schedule! Important dates are on the back of the brochure or on the Web Site. Turn up on time as advised by the coach. For 11-a-side teams, this is usually 15 to 30 minutes before a game. Be punctual for practice.
  3. Let the coach know about any special concerns regarding your player (allergies, or other particular problems).
  4. Water bottle, full, for every game and practice. It’s hot in the summer and players can easily get dehydrated.
  5. Bring sunscreen as required.
  6. If you bring snacks for your child, make them nut-free to avoid possible allergy emergencies. Check with the coach to ensure that there are no other life-threatening allergies amongst your team mates! BE SAFE and BE INCLUSIVE!
  7. Practices ARE important! It is not easy for the coach to cover team building and tactics at a match.

You can help during the game:

  1. Practice quiet, respectful soccer. Sit on the opposite side of the field from the players’ benches and cheer quietly for both teams. Don't coach from the sidelines - it's confusing for players and makes it difficult for the real coach.
  2. Offer to help if the coach seems to need it. You could distribute schedules or announcements, help manage substitutions, etc. The coach isn’t paid and doesn’t even get a discount on their children’s registrations!
  3. Behavior of the players is the responsibility of the parent (not the coach). Younger players should not be left unattended at a game. Remove disruptive players.
  4. Try to be knowledgeable about the game, learn the rules, encourage all the players. Once players are old enough to need a referee, teach respect for the referee’s decisions.
  5. Call attention of coach and referee to dangerous weather (we don’t play if lightning is visible), bad field conditions, or any other danger to players or spectators.

Learn the rules to enjoy the game better:

  • The full rules (“Laws of the Game”) are available on the FIFA web site.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: respecting the referee is critical. The club will not tolerate breaches of the Codes of Conduct, especially any kind of referee abuse such as verbal harassment.

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