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The adult indoor soccer leagues that are run from the Dufferin Centre in Acton is a recreational club league that is governed by the same rules that have been established by the Ontario Soccer Association.

Click here to view the OSA playing rules for indoor soccer.


Adults are provided a one-hour time slot starting from the advertised time. You must therefore kick off the previous occupants on the stroke of the hour UNLESS the Agricultural Society representative agrees that they are running schedule, in which case you will get your full hour once your field time officially begins. Similarly, you will be expected to vacate the field sharply when the next game's time starts.

A one-hour time slot provides players:

  • A 5 minute warm-up
  • 2x 25-minute halves
  • A 2 minute break at half-time

The following indoor rules apply to all indoor adult leagues:

  • Play 6v6 (5 + a goalie)
  • Substitutions are made on-the-fly. Goalie substitutions must be made during a break in play and with the referee's permission.
  • No slide tackles
  • Referee can impose a 2-minute penalty for any offence. Yellow card results in an automatic 2-minute time penalty. Red card results in a 5-minute penalty served by another player, and the player who was issued a red card must leave the field.
  • Free kicks are ALL indirect, except penalty kicks.
  • Any ball that goes out of bounds must be kicked back into play. There are no throw-ins
  • You can't score directly from a kick-in or a corner.
  • Players issued a red card will need to sit out for at least the following week and perhaps more depending on what the Discipline Committee decides upon reviewing the offense. See our Discipline Section for more details.
  • All players must be registered with the Acton Soccer Club.
  • Only players that have paid and accepted the terms and conditions of the Acton Soccer Club indoor season can play. If your team is short of players, you may borrow players from your opponents or from another team in the same league. During the playoffs, however, teams must make do with players on their own team roster
  • If you wish to add a player to your roster after the season has started, you must contact the registrar at the Club office by phone at 519-853-8317 or via e-mail at
  • No roster additions can be made after the 8th week of the season.

An official game sheet is required for any games that are officiated by a referee. The referee needs to know the name of all the players on a team's roster, including the team's jersey colour and the player numbers. Completed sheets are to be slid under the Acton Soccer Club office door at the end of each game.


The OSA discipline process applies to all on-field offences. The OSA discipline process can be found here. Off-field offences involving players, team officials, or spectators will result in special incident reports for violation of our Codes of Conduct. Misconduct reports can be submitted by any affected party regardless of whether they are a member of the Acton Soccer Club. Reports should be sent by email to

All discipline cases will be investigated. Following a recommendation by the Discipline Chair, or League Convenor, the Board of Acton Soccer Club may take further action against individuals or teams that repeatedly poison the sporting atmosphere. The Discipline Process described in the Club's Rules and Regulations shall be followed, and the consequences, in severe cases, could be de-registration of individuals or an entire team, with no refund payable under those circumstances.


There is a wide range of skill and strength in co-ed recreational leagues. Physical contact that is normally legal under the Laws of the Game shall be considered Unsporting Conduct where there is a large disparity in the strength and/or skill level of the players involved. A free kick shall be awarded, and persistent offenders will receive 2-minute penalties

Normal play in Open Coed is comprised of six players on the field (including a goalie), two of whom must be female players. If a coed team does not have enough female players, they may borrow from another team in the league, or may play short. Opposing teams may agree to waive this rule. If both teams in a game have the same problem, teams may agree to play with less than two girls on the field.


Referees will do their utmost to ensure that bad, unsportsmanlike behavior does not escalate during games. Referees will call free kicks, 2-minute penalties, and yellow/red cards in order to protect players against other players who are careless or who intend to injure. Playing 'advantage' has little merit in indoor soccer and tends to result in raising the bar on unpenalized offenses. Therefore, referees are strongly encouraged to NOT play 'advantage', but rather reward free kicks for such offenses.

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