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Fund Raising

Fund Raising and Sponsorship are governed by Club policy.
Word version of Policy  
PDF version of Policy  

This is a privilege granted to Competitive Select and Rep teams and in return the team must in all ways meet the requirements of the Club. Allstar teams do not fund raise.

Team must pre-approve Fund Raising Events by filling out this form for submission to the Board. The Board is to approve the event before it takes place, and the form makes it simpler a lot simpler.

The team is to submit the form a few days prior to a Club meeting to:

    Director of Competitive Soccer

Permission for events will not be unreasonably withheld. Permission WILL NOT be given for events that have already taken place.

If a team proceeds with an unapproved event, the Club will take appropriate action under the club's discipline process. This could lead to de-registration of the team from all competitions.
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