Acton Villa Soccer Club    
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Executive Descriptions

Director of Recreational Soccer 

The director of Recreational Soccer is responsible for recruiting convenors; one for each of the age groups. U5, U6, U8, U10B and U10G are the most important. Because of the lower number of teams, one convenor will do for U12 - U18, although more is better. U12 – U18 play in outside leagues and all schedules are done for you.  However, there should still be an Acton convenor as a go to person for the coaches. Once the season begins, with all teams U10 and up, your main job is to make sure the teams are evenly matched.  If not, you and/or the convenor will make the necessary trades. Get all the ratings from the registrar or the Power Up system to make it easier.  If you are missing some, call the coach and get the ratings over the phone. If there is only one Acton team, as is the case with many of the older teams, you don't worry about the trades. As the season moves along, act as a liaison with your convenors if they have any concerns and hopefully all goes well. During the off season, attend monthly meetings of the executive. 


Act as liaison between house league coaches, the Director of Recreational Soccer and the Director of Coaching. Collect coaching forms, player ratings and assist with trophy presentations. Help out at opening and closing day activities.  Be the go to for the house league coaches. Forward information, notices, and concerns to house league coaches.  Inform coaches of all dates, schedule, opening and closing days, picture day. 

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