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Competitive Soccer (Select / Rep) costs more than Recreational (House League). Financial decisions for the team are made by the coaches and the parents once the team is selected.

It is not possible to break out an exact cost for a player because a lot of the cost is in weekend tournaments, and their cost is based on distance, entry fees, and how many the team enters.

As an ILLUSTRATION however the following numbers are given to help parents understand the approximate costs.

LEAGUE FEES: The leagues for Competitive teams are more expensive to run than the recreational leagues at the same age.
UNIFORMS: Competitive teams use a home and away combination of higher-quality uniforms. This costs an extra $100 per player more than a recreational team. Add in track suits, jackets, and duffel bags for maybe another $100 per player.
REGISTRATION COSTS: The District charges more for registration for Competitive than for Recreational. In addition, there are Club administrative costs involved in entering for tournaments, etc.
INDOOR PRACTICE: Depending on the facility used, indoor practices during the winter can cost an extra $30/player for a school gym up to $300 per player if an indoor soccer facility is used for one hour per week through 24 weeks. (Rate for the facility is $170/hour plus tax). Most teams use gyms.
TOURNAMENTS: Expect 3 tournaments per year, requiring overnight accomodation and eating out for the weekend. Entry cost for each tournament will be about $20/player, so transportation and food are the more significant expenses.

The Club charges the "House League" fee to all Competitive players and that covers administration of the Club (office, club overhead associated with being part of OSA, referee training, coach certifications, web site), basic team equipment (practice balls, first aid kit), field maintenance (line painting, goal nets), and various other costs.

That fee does not cover the items listed above, nor does it include the benefit of a sponsor or fundraising.

The team therefore must construct a budget, approved by all parents, and as you can see the fees will be APPROXIMATELY:

 BASE COST (Approx: 2010 figure)  $160
 EXTRAS - Per Player  
 League fee, registration, referee fees  $150
 Uniforms  $100
 Track suits, backpacks, jackets  $100
 Indoor Practices - team choice  $30 to $300
 Tournaments - team choice  per budget
 MINUS: Sponsors, fundraising.  

If the team wishes to find sponsors or fund-raise, then the team must follow Club rules and pre-approval steps. These are so that sponsors do not get overwhelmed by requests for money, and to ensure we stay legal.

All team fund-raising events must be approved in advance at a monthly Club Board meeting. Certain fund-raising activities require permits (food events, or games of chance such as raffles or bingo), while others are illegal (e.g. "games of skill", such as poker, if part of the pot goes into team funds). Others are banned under our insurance and therefore cannot be permitted (e.g. anything involving alcohol or fireworks).

Details of our Sponsorship Program are listed here.
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