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The indoor Co-Ed league is intended to be recreational, social soccer. Everyone is expected to try their best to win, and every player is expected to use their soccer skills to the best of their ability. At the same time, we all go to work the next day and all players (especially skillful ones) are expected to take extra care given the wide ranges of ability in the league. We follow the OSA "rules for indoor soccer" with the following extra house rules:

  • There must be a minimum of two female players on the field at all times.
  • Teams made up of individuals must have a minimum of three (3) female players on the roster, otherwise we will need to fold the team.
  • A female goaltender counts towards the minimum.
  • Teams with less females on the field play must play short-handed. 
  • If this rule is impractical due to who has registered and/or who shows up to a particular game, the rule is to be modified by agreement of both teams and the referee on a game-to-game basis.
  • If a team does not have six players on their roster at the start of a game, they can borrow players from other teams as long as the players are registered. However, a team cannot borrow players that results in more than two (2) players on the bench. So, for example, a team with only 6 players available can borrow up to a maximum of 2 players, and a team with 5 players available can borrow up to a maximum of 3 players, etc. In other words, a team that borrows players cannot have more than 8 players on their team after borrowing. If members of the team eventually show up to play, the borrowed players can no longer play in the game.
  • While physical contact in the official outdoor game is legal, in this league contact is deemed to be "unsporting conduct" if there is a wide disparity in size and skill and physical contact is used, or if the level of contact is inconsistent with a recreational, coed, indoor league.
  • If a player or team finds this level of play not competitive enough, they should sign up for the Men's League instead. Acton SC will help any player to make this switch without cost to make sure that all players enjoy their sessions.
  • We have grown from 8 teams to 18 teams over the last few seasons. In order to avoid disparity in skill levels and in order to try to keep games fun and close, we will be splitting the league into two divisions: Tier 1 and Tier 2.

To access game schedules, game results, and league standings, please visit the Acton Soccer Club Member Zone website.

  • Games will be comprised of 2x 25-minute halves.
  • Same rules that apply during the regular season will be applied during the playoffs except that if a game is tied at the end of regulation, there will be a penalty shootout.
  • The penalty shootout will consist of three penalties per team. If it is still tied, it goes to sudden death. One of the three shooters must be female.
  • Only players on the field at the end of play may take penalties.
  • If one team had fewer players on the field than the other, once all the "small team's" players have taken shots it is the option of the other team whether to complete their sequence or to also start again at the beginning.
  • Only registered players allocated to the team roster may play.
  • Two females must be on the field at the same time, or play short (same as regular season).
  • As during the regular season, if both teams agree to vary the rule to have only one female player on the field, then the game may go ahead and the winner proceeds to the next round.
  • If a team has insufficient players, they may borrow from another team BUT they forfeit the game. In other words, the team gets a game, but can't progress.
  • If both teams have the same problem and both teams agree on a way to play the game, the winners can progress but will likely have to forfeit the next game. The referee must be informed of all such arrangements and must agree with the decision by the teams.
  • If a player is issued two yellow cards during the playoffs, he/she will miss the next game.
  • If a player is issued a red card in the playoffs, he/she will miss the next two games.

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