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Coaching Overview

Coaching is a rewarding experience. It is also hard work, and is a highly-responsible position. All of this means that there is quite a lot of paperwork to do before you get a bag of balls and a roster of players.

Competitive Soccer Coaching:
read this page first!

Volunteer Screening

We are fully on board with the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) Screening Manual, which is a legally required process. We must check that coaches are suitable for the position. This starts by
filling out a form to provide identification and references to get started on the screening process: the coaching coordinator will give you one.

If you want to know more, see our Volunteer Screening Manual.

After filling out the form, we will need to see a recent Police Check, we may want to interview you, or to talk to personal references. This is mandated by OSA and by the Government  to protect the kids.

Now the bureaucracy is done . . .

Coaching a soccer team is rewarding, no matter what age the players may be. Most coaches involved with Acton SC are parents of a player on the team of interest, although this is not always the case. We have a small number of Competitive (Rep) teams, with most teams at the Recreational (House League) level with select team(s) and occasional tournament teams (All-Star).

For our coaches, it is most important that they foster the correct attitudes:

    Players register to have fun playing soccer. The game is GREAT FUN: the rules and the objectives are easy to understand, it is easy to participate, but very difficult to master.
    Fun comes from fair competition between teams, with players developing individual skills through each season.
    Development of team cooperation and tactics is a joy to foster, to watch, and to participate in, and the coach does all three.
    An atmosphere is to be built of honest competition through respect for the spirit and letter of the laws of the game, respect for officials and team mates, and respect for the opponent. A win should always be a win that the team can be proud of.
    This last point is most important: through their career, players will generally lose as many games as they win; progress can be made in individual and team level of accomplishment even in games that are lost.

If you think that sounds like the right way to play a sport: what next?

You need some qualifications:

    An honest desire to help players have fun playing soccer. The age of the players will change the balance of the approach: the closer the player is to adulthood, the more they want to learn skills focusing on helping the team to win. Younger players have to develop awareness of the power of teamwork. Young kids are motivated because they try very hard to please the coach.
    A clean police background check if you are coaching a high-risk team (U16 or older, and all Competitive and ALl-Star teams). You can get this done by visiting the police station in Georgetown, paying $15 and then wait for a few weeks. Acton SC requires that the coach have a clean background check less than three years old.
    To coach in select (PHSSL) or Competitive (SRSL), you need a coaching licence. Interested in getting a licence? Contact the coaching coordinator

The older the age group, the more you need to know about the rules and tactics of the game. Acton Soccer Club runs coaching clinics for new coaches, and for those seeking certification to the OSA (Ontario Soccer Association) coaching levels. (Clinics not available every year: depends whether someone volunteers to run them, OR we can attend clinics hosted by other clubs.)


Contact the Coaching Coordinator to volunteer or to find out more, see contacts page.


Now You're a Coach: what resources are there?
The rules of the game are found here.

League Rules are found on the relevant league web sites. Coaching Handbook  is available on the DOCUMENTS page.

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